Daniel Grimes : Eb Bass

Daniel Grimes

Dan started playing on cornet but within several minutes had been relegated, via numerous larger instruments, to Eb Bass.
He is now extremely adept at playing running minims within a comfortable range and breathing at the end of every bar.
Typically gloomy, Dan did in fact smile briefly in 1999 and is renowned for being mildly optimistic for a period of several days in 2001.
He is, parhaps, the greatest brass band anorak the world has ever known and can recognise any test piece just by listening to one random bar.
He knows every single contest result in UK banding since 1920, including the points earned by each placed band and the winners of the soloist prizes.
When not revising brass band trivia, or waiting for a nailed on Area result that doesn't materialize, Dan likes to keep his spirits up by contemplating global warming, a break down in society and the impending Day of Judgement.
He is a keen cook and can rustle up any dish that tastes of chicken.