Jolyon Stead :2nd Euphonium

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Joly returns to the band on 2nd Euphonium and brings a certain 'outdoor tone' quality to his section. He has completed 4 years playing with Royal Artillery Orchestra, yet confesses he still can't march around corners.
Joly is Pennine's resident 'Perma-Tan Pretty Boy' and can be regularly seen checking out his reflection in his Euphonium (mainly when he is lost...which is often) and sifting through his extensive moisturising collection, in the search of the perfect complexion.
An area sales manager for a bathroom firm, Joly bores fellow band members with the latest bidet and tap news. Joly is renowned for turning up to band late, and after some detective work by Anna, we found out that his local tanning salon 'Drighling-Tan' is only open on band nights.