Disability, Training,
Consultation and Education Policy

Produced after consultation with community link for people age 16 to 65 who want to gain access


The band to be accessible via community links for those age 16 to 65 who have serious learning & other disabilities and who need support to gain access to the resources and opportunities provided by the Pennine Brass

The band aims to enable people to develop their Skills, knowledge & relationships to the point where they can become an independent member of the band.

The band offers:

Introduction to what is available at Pennine Brass

A personal plan of progression in the band

Assessment of ability and advice on instrument type most suitable

Skill development

Financial assistance with tuition & instrument

Personal care & support when required to enable members to have access to the musical & social activities

Those wishing to gain access will use time with band personnel to plan activities according to their needs & wishes.