Equal Opportunities Policy

Pennine Brass is a Brass Band organisation who's object is:

"To educate the public in the Musical Arts and, in particular, the art of brass band playing and to further the development of public appreciation and taste in the said art by the presentation of concerts and other activities."

It strives to ensure through the provision of it's services and resources that it will create opportunities for all in the local community and beyond to be involved in it's activities.

In all it's policies and practices it will promote equal opportunities, encouraging access for all people to it's activities and property, and will assist individuals, groups and organisations in exploring their own creativity in, and appreciation of, music and the brass band medium in particular.

Pennine Brass recognises and values the cultural diversity in British society and will endeavour to respond in it's activities without prejudice against, and with due regard for, age, race, gender, martial status, sexual orientation, disability, income, education, cultural heritage and background. Its actions will be monitored through it's management team.

Pennine Brass is an equal opportunities employer in recruitment and selection. Its actions are monitored through it's management team.