Youth Education Policy

Pennine Brass actively encourages the young persons in our local area and beyond to be involved in music making for their benefit and that of their local community.

Due to changes in the local authority funding process young people now have to pay for lessons privately. Unfortunately parents are not always in a position financially to support their child's lessons, and with this in mind Pennine Brass endeavours to provide reduced rate lessons to all youngsters, regardless of class or social status.

Musical education cultivates social skills and provides a good platform for character building. Involvement with Brass Bands falls into this category, creating a strong sense of commitment, organisation and personal responsibility, and to this end Pennine Brass promotes this culture, tradition and heritage to the youth in the local community.

Pennine Brass' main objective is to hand down the standards of an established band to its younger members and create opportunities, such as concerts and master classes, whilst precipitating an individual youth's experiences as a musician, socially and morally.